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Winner winner!

Sorry for the wait, y’all! The winner of our contest is…

Comment #13, Cheri! Thank you to everyone that entered, I’ll be sure to do more of these in the future! :)


Our first giveaway!

Hi everyone!

This week, I got something very special in the mail. I’ve been obsessed with dollhouse miniature jewelry for a while, but I wanted to wait for something a bit special to come along before I bought anything. Something delicious and well-made. Something absolutely, perfectly me. And man, did I find it!

My very favorite color is this shade of blue, and a lot of my friends associate hearts with me just because I’m so huggy and smiley, and I pepper my online chats with hearts like cupcakes with sugar sprinkles–which I love equally much, with a huge dollop of frosting just like this. And the blue parts are sparkly. Can you believe it? It’s perfect. It arrived promptly and was so perfectly sculpted, it looked edible. So you know what? I thought y’all needed one, too. Unfortunately I can’t ship one out to each and every one of you, so the seller and I decided on a giveaway! One of you will win an item (one necklace, ring, magnet, or pair of earrings of your choice) from her shop. How do you enter? Comment on this post with which one you’d like (be sure to use an email I can reach you at)! The giveaway closes on September 15th, 2012. Good luck!

Some highlights from her shop:

But there’s so much more to see, especially the scrumptious cupcakes, so gogogogogo!